The Civic Foundry – Birmingham and the Black Country

Civic Systems Lab will be delivering the second in a series of four Solve incubator programmes – starting in March 2014.

This second incubator will be focused on supporting the developing of systems changing civic initiatives and in Birmingham and the Black Country through the FutureShift platform.

The Civic Foundry will be a powerful combination platform including an innovative development process, £500,000 investment into the programme, access to spaces and digital platforms. Our purpose is to support entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs through connecting them to investment, to expertise and support, to future team members and collaborators, and to each other.

Initiatives could include hybrid ideas and models that contribute to a new ecosystem of enabling infrastructures such as: re-designing how a credit union might work; setting up a long-term fund, designing a strategy for Collective Impact; designing new impact measure tools that aggregate distributed value chains or developing fit for purpose physical spaces for collective collaboration or sustainable everyday living.

Equally they could be the re-invention of business models that catalyse civic change locally such as re-designing the corner shop or the local bakery – such as Birmingham’s Loaf.