Library Lab

The Library Lab – Willesden Green – London

The Library Lab was a project in the Willesden Green Library Centre that ran from February – December 2012. The Library Lab occupied the previously disused library café, transforming it into a temporary community workspace offering free workshops, lectures, a pop-up co-working space, and crèche.This combination of uses was aimed at accelerating local entrepreneurship and pioneering new ways of working in the highly diverse Brent community.

In order to create a professional yet warm and low threshold environment at a very low budget, 00 responded with a smart, light-touch on-site ‘drawing-less’ design process fit-out – including cleaning and painting the space, adding bespoke lighting, recycled furniture and cafe-like scene setting. Since opening in February 2012 until June 2012, there has been foot traffic of over 2,500 passing through and over 75 free workshops / lectures held in the space, of which 90% are locally sourced and 80% locally attended.

In partnership with Brent Council and the Outer London Fund project New Windows on Willesden Green.