The Common Room

The Common Room is a partnership with Churches Conservation Trust and OO. The project is in the second phase of development to prototype a new type of a shared space in St Lawrence’s church in Norwich. The idea is that The Common Room could be a social engine room for developing the ideas and projects of local residents and businesses – to test a membership model that’s made and shaped collectively by the community, and run on the principles of collaboration, connection and resourcefulness.

With a co-operative membership model members would have access to the space, to meet people, experiment with ideas and start new projects. As a founding member, membership is free from August 2013 to March 2014.

The Common Room is more than a coffee shop, restaurant, gallery or theatre, more than a traditional community centre, club house or office. People might pop in to make themselves a cup of tea, have a chat and read their emails. Or bring a dish and share a meal with others. Learn how to fix their bikes, or their toasters. Or try and build their next big invention.

Great ideas, projects and enterprises seldom originate from a single person working in isolation. For stimulation, enthusiasm and collaboration we need to work in an environment full of people, ideas, learning, conversation … and lots of cups of tea.